Nike Strobe Sensory Training Available at Athletic Republic

The Nike Vapor Strobe improves athletic performance by enhancing visual skills such as focus, attention, anticipation, reaction, visualization, balance, stability, and peripheral vision. Sensory training gives players a competitive advantage so they are able to react faster and make better plays in critical situations.

Historically, translating improvements in visual skills to the field has been quite challenging. The Nike Vapor Strobes provide a great way to challenge key visual skills and dynamic balance while performing nearly any sports movement.  Taking vision training to the field is truly is a step forward in improving sports performance.

Athletic Republic is very excited to add Strobe training to our science-based programs. Like all our training programs, the Nike Vapor Strobe is based on solid sport-science.  We are proud to have been selected by Nike to work on their Nike-SPARQ Sensory Training project—of which use of the Vapor Strobe is just one element.  The Nike Vapor Strobe eyewear has been in pilot testing with a few of our centers for the past 18 months.  We are excited to finally have the product available in all our training centers.   The results have been nothing short of amazing when combined with our proven performance sports training programs.

The Nike Vapor Strobe eyewear is based on 30 years of research and development by Nike’s Global Director of Vision Sciences, Dr. Alan Reichow.  Dr Reichow’s ground-breaking work in vision science has helped some of the world’s best athletes.  The Nike Vapor Strobe is a remarkable product that will help athletes drastically improve their performance.

Interested in improving you sensory skills? Visit an Athletic Republic training center to sign-up for performance sports training with the Nike Vapor Strobe eyewear or to purchase a pair for use at home or at practice.

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