The most obvious element of the system is the specialized equipment designed to complement a weight room and provide the advanced training tools required for a serious player's development. The proprietary equipment Athletic Republic manufactures is defined by six patents and is not available for purchase without a franchise agreement. 


Over the past two+ decades, Athletic Republic has created and refined the training protocols used with the equipment to deliver significant improvements in a player's speed, power, efficiency and stamina. Athletic Republic has continued to develop, validate and introduce new programs and protocols that follow its TEST - TEACH – TRAIN approach.



A good performance sports trainer has a passion for sport, a background as a player, coach, or sports science and has dedicated the time to complete the Athletic Republic certification process. The education curriculum includes an Intern Education Program, two online courses (Level 1 and Level 2), one four-day in-person training experience in a training facility (Level 3), and two days of on-site education prior to the opening of a new training center.


business operations

The Athletic Republic brand has been built on its ability to help players develop a competitive game-day advantage. Formerly known as Frappier Acceleration Sports Training, Athletic Republic has extended the brand and drawn on the best practices developed over the past two+ decades to assist operators in delivering a unique and extraordinary training experience that helps both the athletes and the franchised training centers reach their full potential.