training protocols

The 4,000+ pages of sport-specific Acceleration training protocols for 12 session, 18 session, and 24 session programs are accessible by network members through the Athlete Information Management System (AIMS) ... along with a series of Endurance Sports training programs - 3S (Speed, Strength and Stability); Distance Running;  Indoor Cycling; and Recovery work-outs

AIMS also manage athlete data and store pre and post test results for comparison against a network-wide peer group. 

online scheduling 

MindBody Online is a third-party software business which has customized their online scheduling and point-of-sale solution for Athletic Republic. The software provides center customization and access to the center's schedule from any computer for customers to schedule sessions online. Real-time business analytic reports make this online solution one of the key tools for managing the training center's business.

facility assist program

The FAP is a center-specific approach to identifying and addressing the most critical issues a training center is facing.  Beginning with an assessment of the business the program leads to establishing objectives and accountability. The process includes weekly single-subject conference calls that address the areas of highest priority to center's performance, while working with the center team to implement solutions and build long-term competency. Depending on the scope of a center's initiative(s) the FAP may extend from 4 to 12 weeks in duration.

facility conference

Athletic Republic holds Facility Conference every 18 - 24 months with a focus on: a) improving network members training, operations and economic performance; b) introducing new products, programs, protocols, services and partner affiliations; and c) building a community by encouraging interaction between network members. 


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