Athletic Republic Covington Opening

Covington, La. – Athletic Republic, the industry leader in science-based performance athletic training, will open a center in Covington, La., Feb. 15, 2011.

Athletic Republic Covington, owned and operated by Mandeville native Ashley (Cook) Lange, will be located at 114 Northpark Blvd. It will house proprietary training and athletic equipment found only in Athletic Republic training facilities.


As an All-American track and field and volleyball star hailing from St. Tammany Parish, Lange returns to her hometown after a successful volleyball and track career at the University of Georgia. Later she served on the University's Athletic Board of Directors as the student athlete representative.


Lange's athletic development experience at the Olympic Training Center is what made her immediately embrace Athletic Republic and purchase a franchise. To her, Athletic Republic was a 'scaled down' version for the area that she's been seeking, but yet it has the identical level of intellect and intensity that develops athletes to elite status.


"We're very excited to join the St. Tammany Parish community and the Athletic Republic network," said Lange. "What drew me to the Athletic Republic philosophy was the amount of data supporting the training protocols. It's not a matter of training this way instead of the traditional ground based training, but in addition to it that yields fantastic results. By creating a facility that incorporates both methodologies the potential for the athlete is greater."


To Lange, the St. Tammany area is ideal for performance athletic training as sports is heralded as a way of life and integral part of the community culture.  With the opening of Athletic Republic, local athletes will have the opportunity to strengthen and enhance their abilities through techniques that have proven to be effective for more than 20 years.


Athletic Republic Covington is an 8000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art training center that includes Athletic Republic patented equipment, indoor sprint track, turf area, training court for volleyball fundamental drills and plyometrics, batting cages with Dartfish swing analysis, a fungoman for fielding, solospike smartball technology, patented 3PQ, Accupower force plate and weight room. There are few training facilities in the nation that tout the technology supplied by this innovative training facility.Athletic Republic's proprietary speed treadmill will also be featured helping athletes play at game speed longer with more power and agility than their opponent. It's designed to train from the inside out—neurologically, metabolically and biomechanically—so the athlete becomes a more efficient runner.

Scientific research shows that incline treadmill sprinting recruits key muscles at a level two to three times higher than running on a flat ground at the same stride frequency, which helps to produce more power during each stride, during both push-off and recovery.


About Athletic Republic:

Since 1990, more than 800,000 athletes have gained more than just a step on their competition thanks to Athletic Republic's sport-specific training programs designed to enhance speed, power and agility.

The Athletic Republic performance sports training network follows a science-based approach to an athlete's development, which includes more than 4,000 pages of sport and position-specific protocols. The data has been compiled from the largest performance sports training database in the world.


Typically, athletes who have completed an eight-week Athletic Republic training program have seen improvements of 0.2 seconds in the 40-yard dash (which equates to 6 feet separation), an increase of 4-6 inches in their vertical leap and 5 mph in elite level throwing velocity. With the Acceleration program, the average athlete will see a 2-4 inch increase in vertical jump, a decrease of 0.2 seconds in a 40-yard sprint, 33% improvement in foot speed and a 50% reduction in recovery rates.


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