The Athletic Republic Acceleration Training Program is a systematic progression of athletic training. The goals are to develop speed, power, quickness, agility, proprioceptive awareness and coordination.

When you train with Athletic Republic, you’ll become faster, fitter and more powerful. You’ll learn the skill of sprinting through immediate feedback from a performance coach and visual feedback from the mirror and the video replay display positioned in front of the treadmill. At Athletic Republic, we improve your running mechanics. We improve your stride length and frequency, your knee drive, your hip position and your arm swing. You’ll be fluid and efficient, far more powerful and be better conditioned than your opponents. 

Athletic Republic training protocols stimulate the appropriate physiological response for the development of “special strength,” or the force of a muscular contraction while an athlete performs their respective athletic skill set. Our proprietary equipment separates us from our competitors in that it specifically enhances muscle function in a way that the resultant force can be used in the time frame of the athletic skill. Athletes training with Athletic Republic will experience a form of training that targets muscle movement and speed in order to maximize “Special Strength” development. 

At Athletic Republic, we train power. Using our proprietary equipment, we consistently measure power to assess your progress and optimize your training for the best results. In short, we are not guessing how much you can lift or how high you can jump; we now those answers because we measure your power output during the movements that are critical to performance. We even know where in that movement you are weakest, or if one side of your body is weaker than the other - a critical factor in reducing the chance of injury. That represents opportunity for improvement. 


Science says POWER = FORCE X VELOCITY. The more force your produce and the faster you do it, is the difference in game day performance. Each individual athlete’s ability to produce power is what separates him/herself from other athletes on the playing field. Athletic Republic’s focus is optimizing each athlete’s ability to produce power. The treadmill, plyometric and strength protocols are designed to enhance the function of specific neuromuscular pathways while eliciting coordination strategies that result in improved power output of the athlete. 

Agility hinges on your ability to control your center of gravity in all situations, including making quicker cuts and turns, maneuvering in traffic and separating from your opponent. Dynamic Stability means maintaining control of your body while under physical stress, delivering power in all directions and stability under all situations. You can be speedy and powerful, but an athlete who is agile or dynamically stable is always in position to make a great play. 

We measure a series of fundamental movement skills in order to understand an athlete’s ability to move. Sound movement skills are the foundation of any effective training program. If the athlete can execute a movement well, they can be safely trained to perform it faster, more powerfully, or more efficiently. Most team sports require explosive starts, the ability to accelerate, decelerate, and maintain control while changing directions quickly. The battery of tests performed on our athletes are founded on assessments of straight line explosiveness, agility, and dynamic stability—all important criteria for success in most sports.