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110% club alumni


110% club alumni


Over 1,000,000 athletes trained – including over 2,500 professional athletes and Olympians. The numbers speak for themselves. No one can match our history, program intelligence, 120+ worldwide training centers and the more than $315 million in scholarships to American colleges and universities earned the last five years by our athletes.


"I believe that this program can really take your talents to the next level. It's amazing what it does for you. It has definitely made me a better athlete."

                 -Darin Erstad, MLB

"It's not enough anymore to say that you work hard, because everyone works hard. You need to work smart. The work I did with Athletic Republic during the off-season is a combination of those two. It's a great example of how today's athletes should train."

                 -Jim Thome, MLB

"What I really liked about the Athletic Republic training programs is that they test you both before and after each level so you know where you stand. The people are also very good about tailoring the program to meet your needs. Their [Super] Treadmill program got me into the best shape possible. It was a great challenge every time because they push you to the limit. If you're in good shape, you are not going to get tired during practices and games, which means you can take more ground balls and hits and really step your game up to the next level."

                 -Travis Hafner, MLB

"As an athlete in general, regardless of your sport, if you're looking to get faster, quicker, stronger or more powerful, you can't find a better program! The results are there and they're almost guaranteed. It's a proven fact that if you do the program; you will get better if you work hard at (it), do it the right way and stay on a strict regimen with it."

                 -Rick Helling, MLB

"The Athletic Republic ThrowingCord™ has been a great asset to our program (Irvine). All of our players have benefited from this cord. You can see additional arm strength as well as prevention of injury."

                 -John Savage, Current Head Baseball Coach for University of California, Los Angeles


"The foundation of our success has been, and continues to be, the extroadinary programs, and more importantly the people with Summit Sports Training (A Proud Member of the Athletic Republic Network)."

                  -Phil Martelli, Head Basketball Coach, Saint Joseph's University

"Summit (A Proud Member of the Athletic Republic Network) made me a better athlete because they train and teach you to do things you wouldn't normally do yourself. It involves a lot of mental training. If you are already mentally strong, they will help you get even stronger. If you are not, they will help get you there."

                  -Jameer Nelson, NBA

"As a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach I am always looking for a better way to train athletes. Having spent a week with Athletic Republic studying and training on the copyrighted protocols, I believe Athletc Republic's techniques will definitely improve an athlete's speed, quickness, and jumping abilities along with strength and cardiovascular development. Additionally, the enhancement of muscle memory through repetition and technique corrections allows an athlete to train in a sport specific manner for more efficiency of movement. When transferred to the playing surface, the athlete is more confident in his or her ability to make the play thanks to Athletic Republic training protocols."

                  -Dennis Householder, NBA Strength and Conditioning Head Coach


"Athletic Republic training gave me a great edge. It moved everything forward: My athleticism, competition and football skills. It was the answer I was looking for. My goal was to play in the NFL and the Athletic Republic Training Program helped me to reach it."

                  -Shaun Alexander, NFL

"I need to get on your treadmill (the Athletic Republic Super Treadmill) to help me get my feet turning over to run my fastest in the 40 yard dash."

                  -Toby Gerhart,  NFL 

"I've gone to other training facilities just to lift weights, but those facilities aren't really places for athletes; the atmosphere isn't an athlete atmosphere. But with Athletic Republic Training – every component – that's for athletes."

                  -Paris Lenon, NFL

"What the Athletic Republic program does with its focus on quickness and speed is fill in the training need for a player in the NFL."

                  -Logan Mankins, NFL

"Training with the equipment and protocols at Athletic Republic really helped me improve my speed and first-step explosiveness."

                  -Darren McFadden, NFL


"The Athletic Republic PowerCords® are a great piece of equipment for sport specific movements in volleyball. We use the PowerCords® daily with our athletes – specifically for arm swing and blocking."

                  -John Cook, Head Volleyball Coach at University of Nebraska

"Going through the whole Athletic Republic Training Program really takes your body to the limit. Before I started working with their program, I was never engaged in conditioning and weight lifting. I really enjoyed the training and could tell that I was benefiting from the programs. As an athlete, you need to continue to get better and condition your body to compete at the highest levels and the Athletic Republic Training Programs have helped me do that."

                  -Ogonna Nneka Nnamani, USA Volleyball

"Training with the Athletic Republic Program was the absolute best thing for my vertical and quickness."

                  -Misty May-Treanor, USA Beach Volleyball


"Those of you who follow my career know that I recently had hip surgery and could not compete for Slovakia in the IIHF World Championships. What you may not know is that in addition to my rehab, I've been spending a lot of my time working with the folks at Athletic Republic to build a performance hockey training center in my hometown of Trencin, Slovakia. The plan is for my brother to run the center, and for Trencin's professional, junior and youth clubs to train there."

                  -Marian Gaborik, NHL

"The Athletic Republic Hockey Treadmill is the type of cutting edge technology that will help our players continue their string of medal performances at the U-18 World Championship, and help them reach their personal goals for success in college and professional hockey."

                  -Scott Monaghan, US National Team Development Program Director of Hockey Operations

"The Athletic Republic Hockey Treadmill was a lot harder than I expected, but my skating definitely improved. All the guys who used it really benefited. After every program was completed, there was improvement out on the ice."

                  -Matt Moulson, NHL

"There are a lot of benefits to the hockey treadmill. During the off-season, you can do a lot of things from biking to running, but this is a program where I can use my equipment: I've got my skates on that I wear during the season. It teaches you to skate properly. It's so great for young players just learning. For the intermediate guys or girls, it develops leg strength and skating muscles. For college players to great high school players to those in the pro ranks, it's a great conditioning program."

                  -Brett Hull, NHL


"An underlying component is the mental aspect. It's about the confidence Athletic Republic training gives young women athletes. They come out stronger, quicker, more powerful and more confident."

                  -Lisa Lindley, Head Coach of Top Ranked Darien Women's HS Lacrosse


"The Athletic Republic Training Program can transform a good athlete into a great athlete. It teaches you to use your abilities to the max. Someone who is already fast, can be a few steps faster."

                  -Heather Mitts, U.S. Women's National Soccer Team

"I was impressed by the people, the Athletic Republic Training Programs and their ability to help me get back onto the field following surgery. The interval work on the Super Treadmill transfers directly to soccer."

                  -Jason Kreis, US Men's National Soccer Team


"Athletic Republic training really helps me. They do such a good job of making you stronger."

                  -Carly Gullickson, WTA Tour Pro


"The Athletic Republic training program helped me stay fit and keep strong. Some sprinters have quickness and they use frequency. I use pure power to run. Athletic Republic helped me get stronger every single year."

                  -Derrick Atkins, World Class Sprinter


"Athletic Republic Training is the best thing that has happened to me. Never before did I have a training program that allowed me to work out so efficiently. Anybody unsure of how Athletic Republic Training can help needs to come and spend a don on the Super Treadmill. I no longer had to just rely on my natural speed and agility. They physical improvements I made in such a short time have given me the confidence to recommend the Athletic Republic Program to anyone who is serious about reaching his/her full potential."

                  -Garrett Lowney, 2000/2004 US Olympic Team Wrestler