Each small group work-out begins with a dynamic warm-up to elevate heart-rate, engage the primary muscle groups and introduce motion to challenge athletes' movement mechanics. The high intensity interval training portion of the AR-FIT program changes daily to develop the complete athlete, before concluding with a few minutes of mobility training that will initiate the recovery process and improve the range of motion. 

Drawing on the skill of its certified trainers, Athletic Republic is utilizing its proprietary training equipment combined with resistance bands, conditioning cords, suspension training, balance and multi-tasking equipment, loaded movement and strength equipment to create the AR-FIT workout of the day that will keep every athlete engaged and ready to return for more.


Take advantage of the 7-day Free Training offer to try AR-FIT and learn first-hand how our TEST-TEACH-TRAIN approach to development helps you achieve your goals.

We establish a baseline for identifying your strengths, opportunities for improvement, prior training and injury history, and include a simple TEST or means to measure your progress during every workout.

Then we TEACH proper movement, lifting, and running mechanics so you’ll train efficiently and safely — reducing the potential risk of injury.

AR’s training philosophy of ‘One Size Fits ONE’ is reflected in the small groups (of up to 8 athletes) we TRAIN and the individualized attention our trainers offer.

To learn more about AR-FIT, obtain a class schedule and pricing, or to sign up for a 7-day free trial, please stop in to visit or contact your local Athletic Republic.