career opportunities

Athletic Republic is an evidence-based performance sports training business with centers across North America. If you are interested in working in one of the centers, have an interest in applying for an intern position or wish to inquire about career opportunities at the headquarters office in Park City, Utah, please send us an email and submit the necessary requirements. 

We consider the talent our network hires as one of the most important elements to our business success. The introductory email and resume is merely for our team to get a sense about who you are and why you would be a good fit in one of our 120+ centers across the globe, or our corporate headquarters.  You can find the location of each center within our network here.

We want to make sure you are considered for the right position and location, so please reference the position and location(s) you would like to be considered for.  In addition to providing your contact information and availability, please attach your resume highlighting relevant education and work experience. If you're still interested in working with Athletic Republic, and have a passion for performance sports training, then please contact us at