The Athletic Republic Speed, Strength & Stability program builds upon the historical foundation of Acceleration Training utilizing 90-minute training blocks to help the athlete to: a)  increase strength and power; c) improve running mechanics and economy; and c) potentially decrease the likelihood of an overuse injury.  The overall purpose of the Endurance 3S program is to complement the athlete’s endurance training program, not replace it, while creating a more well-rounded level of fitness, flexibility, dynamic stability and overall strength ALL endurance athletes can benefit from the Athletic Republic Endurance 3S program.  


The Distance Running protocol was created to help the cross country runner, track athletes, road racers and triathletes to increase their speed, strength and stamina with piling on significantly more volume or adding stress that could lead to an over-use injury. Interval lengths are dependent on the runners experience, capabilities and race distance. Session scheduling blends treadmill, strength, stability and active recovery and focus on Economy with Interval Training.


Athletes often think they can get by riding outside, going to spinning classes or riding a stationary bike at the health club when weather prohibits outdoor riding. Spinning classes can be a nice alternative, but generally spinning is much more of an anaerobic workout, and during the base phase most of the focus should be on building aerobic and endurance capacity. Exercise bikes at the health club may be convenient, but in order to obtain the cycling-specific training needed, the athlete must train on their own bikes. The Athletic Republic Indoor Power-Based Cycling Classes are designed to improve the cyclist's or triathlete's power at lactate threshold.  The Indoor Cycling System is designed for groups of riders in a class setting.  All riders participate in the same workout, but at their own power zones and on their own bicycles.  



This training program provides athlete’s with a more rounded fitness approach.  The benefit of an endurance athlete adding the program to their indoor cycling workout is that it will allow them to build strength, speed and stability that is otherwise unattainable by riding alone. It is a 30 minute class that follows a cycling session with a certified fitness coach.  These sessions will be delivered on a rolling calendar and include: TRX upper body, Core strength, Dry Land Swimming, Mobility, Leg Strength, Running Economy and Efficiency, Flexibility.