Follow our five-step process to owning and opening an Athletic Republic sports training franchise.


When an athlete walks through the doors to one of our training centers, they walk into our world of improving athletic performance. We invite you to join them by continuing to explore our website, completing your Request for Information form, contacting our CEO Charlie Graves at 435-647-9000 and/or visiting one of our training centers to help you begin to understand that Athletic Republic is an experience unlike any other.

Following our initial information exchange, we will work to establish the key attributes that qualify a successful Athletic Republic operator, beginning with (1) the passion to be an active franchise owner/operator and (2) access to the capital required to start-up and support the new business. Once passion and capital have been confirmed, we'll work together to establish the next two important qualifiers that will define the new business, (3) the location of the center in the community and the training space and (4) the top 4 sports you expect your center staff will train along with any complimentary businesses that will become part of your service offering. The final elements include, (5) encouraging you to construct a business case based on the training center economics we share, and (6) understanding the timeline and process involved with opening a new Athletic Republic training center.


You are starting to know us and the Franchise Application is our turn to learn more about you and your ability to be a qualified operating partner. 

We'll work with you to identify your training center location, trade market, franchise format, and a list of required and recommended equipment as you complete and return a Franchise Application. After completing the necessary background checks and addressing any remaining concerns you may have, we'll agree to award you the franchise and send you the Franchise Agreement. 

STEP 3: REview fdd

We've learned about you and you've learned enough about Athletic Republic to take the next step in establishing a business that will improve the development of the athletes in your community. Once we have approved your application, you will be sent our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD); a regulated document with its contents and structure mandated by each state's regulatory bodies. The FDD is not a business plan, but it does include insights into our business operations, information about the expectations each party will have for the other and a copy of our current Franchise Agreement. We'll talk more about the contents of FDD and answer any questions you have as we advance our discussions.


You received a draft of the Franchise Agreement in the FDD and shared it with a Franchise Attorney, (a lawyer with specific experience in franchise law, for review and an assessment of risk).

With all terms and conditions explained and understood and the Trade Market defined, we will prepare a Franchise Agreement for your legal entity that includes the specific details about your training center franchise for your review, approval and signature. Once the Franchise Agreement has been signed and returned with payment for the initial commitment, we'll get started with our new center on-boarding program.



Our Business Acceleration Program (BAP) begins the day you sign the Franchise Agreement and the on-boarding process continues until your training center is open for business and conducting commerce.  The BAP is a project management process which typically includes several weekly phone calls and homework assignments that covers the 10 to 20 week start-up cycle as operators transition into full-scale operations. The program includes a wide-range of topics including: assistance with facility layout, equipment selections, interior design and branding; business planning; operating practices; recruiting, training and staffing support; software and systems assistance; programming, pricing and scheduling; Website and Social Media set-up; equipment selection, ordering and installation; sales, marketing and business development; and center opening support. 

The information presented on this website is not intended as (and does not constitute) an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, an Athletic Republic franchise; it is for information purposes only. An offering will only be commenced by our delivery of a prospectus to you in compliance with federal and applicable state laws regulating the sale of franchise opportunities. Many states regulate the offer and sale of franchises; Athletic Republic will only consider applications from and offer franchises for sale in those states in which we have been authorized.