For more nearly three decades, Athletic Republic has been developing performance sports training programs that seamlessly integrate science and sports. The Business Acceleration Program (BAP) was designed to share the best practices developed by our global training center network in a structured process that will guide new operators through the start-up phase and help them make good business decisions prior to opening.  BAP is organized as a series of week-by-week activities that typically runs the 10 - 20 weeks, from franchise signing to training center opening, and includes the following elements:

training center layout

LAYOUT & design consultation

We offer guidance in choosing a facility location, determining training center size and selecting training services. We also provide the expertise to design the training center floor plan to maximize the number of athletes trained and deliver an extraordinary training experience.


Equipment selection

In addition to Athletic Republic proprietary training and technology equipment, we have national account relationships with training equipment manufacturers that can match your service offering and training center look. 

Athletic Republic University

trainer education

Our over 4,000 pages of training protocols are organized by an athlete's physical development and the skills required to play their sport and position. In order to deliver this individualized, sport-specific training experience, we provide online education, classroom, and on-site training in an Athletic Republic training center so you and your trainers learn how to apply the athlete training protocols, understand equipment operations, manage athlete workflow through the center, and develop new business.

business planning & financial modeling

Establishing an annual business plan and operating budget are key tools for measuring key performance indicators (ratio of rent to revenue, average athletes per trainer session, lead generation and contract conversion, athletes per open hour to meet break-even target, etc.) and financial position.  

athlete management

Athletic Republic centers access our national affiliation with MindBody Online to manage their training schedules online, conduct point-of-sale transactions and provide business reporting. 

The centers also utilize AIMS (Athlete Information Management System) to capture pre- and post-test data and measure performance results. AIMS is also use to store and deliver the training protocols to each center. 

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operations management

We’ll teach you how to run the business of sports training—hiring capable, well-trained staff, offering products and services that meet the needs of the local athletic community, and offering your customer a great experience that delivers results.

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sales & marketing support

We provide every new franchise with the marketing resources to support your local community outreach efforts while building towards your training center's opening. Your franchise comes with sales and marketing tools and materials to support the center team as they implement customer retention, referral, and acquisition strategies. Resources include a search engine optimized website with freedom to customize your online presence, a social media and digital advertising program that will aid in building awareness for the training center, and seasonal marketing campaigns that connect with your local customers.