trainer development & education

Learning how to train the Athletic Republic way is taught through a series of on-going education modules. The Level 1 and 2 courses are offered online and delivered to the trainers on their schedule. The five classes that make up Level 1 are designed to help the new trainer or intern contribute to the business, answer the phones, respond to customer's questions, lead dynamic warm-up and recovery, administer athlete assessment, and learn what it takes to deliver an extraordinary experience. The five classes in the Level 2 course builds on our TEST - TEACH - TRAIN approach to every athlete's development, and teaches trainers how to apply protocols, improve running mechanics, and utilize the AR system to help each athlete achieve their goals.  

Our Level 3 course is offered each year in the Spring and Fall, as a four-day hands-on experience at AR-HQ that applies our knowledge, our system and best practices to improve each center's product knowledge, training expertise, customer relations, employee management, marketing efforts, operating practices, and financial position. As part of the equipment installation process, one of our Level 3 instructors will be on-site to assist with the trainer development and to coach trainers through the soft-open trials.