Franchise Formats


Franchise Formats

TRansforming potential into performance

If you have a passion for sports and fitness, now’s a great time to be getting into the industry. The studio fitness training market is large and growing rapidly—best estimates are approximately $10 billion per year, or just over a third of the overall US fitness industry.

Athletic Republic centers are at the forefront of emerging trends in fitness. They’re not simply gyms selling monthly memberships to a space containing workout equipment. Athletic Republic offers small-group, structured training backed by extensive research and years of experience to deliver measurable performance gains. With their time at a premium, athletes of all ages are looking for this more individualized approach to get the most out of their training time.  

what does your athletic republic franchise look like?

Athletic Republic Training Centers come in two forms: Training Center or Training Clinic. Just like our “One Size Fits One” approach to athlete training, the size and format that’s right for you is unique, dependent on your own circumstances: your location, the spaces available to you, the size of your market, your overall vision for the center, and more.

  • Training Centers optimize at 3,000-3,500 sf with the capacity to train 20 athletes per training session, or 4,500-5,000 sf with a capacity to train 40 athletes at one time. Training Centers can be co-located within a larger facility like a SportsPlex, an ice rink complex, a physical therapy clinic, or a team training facility, to name a few. Or they can be independent, free-standing centers in locations such as a strip retail center, office warehouse, or light industrial areas.

  • Training Clinics are associated with hospitals, physical therapy practices, chiropractic practices, or a similar facility, for the operator interested in expanding their services with sports performance training or the Return 2 Play program (Concussion and/or ACL Bridge), utilizing Athletic Republic’s proprietary equipment to improve and extend the overall recovery experience with the clinic.

Additional space should be allocated to the reception / waiting area, office(s), and bathrooms (if not available in the building). Other considerations in the space selection process include; a well-lit parking lot with sufficient parking spaces, natural light, ventilations / air conditioning, and ceiling height (at least 12').

4,600 square feet training space has a capacity for training 40 athletes every 90-minutes

4,600 square feet training space has a capacity for training 40 athletes every 90-minutes

site selection

Athletic Republic training centers draw 80% of its customers from a 20-minute or 10-mile radius around the facility. The Trade Market is the exclusive geography and protected territory of the franchise which may be larger or smaller than the 10-mile radius depending upon market conditions, drive times, and the center's programming. Considerations for site selection include:

CONVENIENCE: With half of the athletes participating in the Acceleration program being chauffeured by their parents, center convenience, accessibility, and proximity to their other weekly shopping / stopping locations they frequent are incredibly important. Choosing a training center location within the 5-minute 'drop and then shop' radius allows the parent to be efficient with their time by accomplishing weekly shopping tasks, while the athlete completes their 90-minute training session. 

SPORTS CENTER: A Co-Location Center inside a SportsPlex or Rink complex should be accessible near the front entry of the facility, so athletes playing sports not offered at the SportsPlex have easy access to the training center.

VISIBILITY: Free-standing locations do not have to be on a main street, but the address must be easily found with GPS and feature exterior signage visible from the roadway.

PROXIMITY: Selecting a site that has more than 10 High Schools within a 10-mile radius provides the center with access to a population of approximately 5,000 student-athletes to serve.