What do you give the athletes in your life this holiday season? You could go for the same old sweater or sweatpants … or you could give them something that they will truly treasure and, more importantly, will help them be better, faster, stronger. Athletic Republic, a national network of training centers that has helped nearly one million athletes achieve their goals over the past 25 years, has assembled a short list of gift suggestions for the athlete on your shopping list.


Six-time Hawaii Ironman Champion Mark Allen has assembled an inspirational book for the athlete, The Art of Competition. Pairing carefully crafted messages from Allen with spectacular images from Nick Borelli, the book offers entirely new ways of understanding the challenges and rewards of athletic competition and, indeed, of life.

Allen's award-winning book can be purchased online here.

 Perfect Preparation

NFL quarterbacks, big league ball players and pro golfers know the value of a good warm-up. That's why some have started to use the Warm-up Cord to strengthen and loosen critical throwing and hitting muscles, reduce their warm-up time, and reinforce correct mechanics. You can place a Warm-Up Cord in your athletes' gym, bat, tennis, or golf bag this holiday and help them prepare like the pros. Visit for more information or make a purchase.


The GRID Foam Roller from TriggerPoint is for anyone who wants to move better. The GRID can be used after a hard workout to roll through the tight muscles, knots, and kinks that keep athletes from feeling good and moving well. Effective on nearly every major muscle in the body, the GRID is easy to use and feels oh-so-good … you may be tempted to get one for yourself, too!  Go here to learn more or to purchase.


Compression clothing has been proven to improve athletic performance before, during, and after activity through improved circulation, muscle containment, and reduced muscle vibration. Great for post-workout recovery and air travel, 2XU Compression Socks are just the thing to put in that certain someone’s stocking. Visit 2XU’s website to learn more about performance compression or to make a purchase.


The Garmin VivoSmart activity tracker helps your athlete stay on top of his or her training by monitoring sleep, heart rate, speed, workouts, and calories burned. It also enables him or her to stay connected during a workout via Bluetooth technology, with easy-to-view notifications of texts, calls, and email. 

The Gift of Speed

Speed is a defining attribute of athleticism. Long considered a genetic gift, speed is actually a skill that can be taught. Athletic Republic's individualized training programs improve first step quickness, explosive power, lateral movement, and flat-out speed. Visit to learn how you may give the ultimate gift – the speed, agility, and strength that will make next season their best one ever.