You may not be required to write the often painfully boring “what I did over my summer vacation” essay, but that doesn’t mean what you choose to do over the summer isn’t important. You may be working your first job, or have some exciting travel plans. Summer’s also a great time to turn your athletic dreams into reality. Whether you’re looking to make varsity, wow the coaches at a recruiting showcase, help your team to the playoffs, make sure you’re not injured again this year, or hit new PR times, you can be sure your summer will include some kind of training program.

Athletic Republic understands how important off-season training is, which is why we’re inviting you to make this your Summer of Speed! Get individualized attention from our certified sports performance trainers who’ll use our tested and proven protocols to improve your first-step quickness and top-end speed, help you create separation from a defender and close the gap on an opponent, increase your endurance, and build strength and stability that will help prevent injuries.

If you want to learn about what Athletic Republic can do for you, start by signing up for a free training trial. During the 90-minute session, we’ll explain how we teach speed and introduce you to some of our specialized equipment like the Super Running Treadmill, PlyoFloor, PlyoPress, and MultiHip machine. After the trial, if you’re convinced we can help you improve speed, power, agility and stability, then you’re invited to join us for the Summer of Speed so you can make the most of your school vacation time. When tryouts or preseason training camps come around, you probably won’t have to write an essay, but you may have to answer to coaches asking, “Wow! What did YOU do this summer vacation?!” Click here to find a center near you.