With Fall sports now in full swing and student athletes returning to the Varsity Athletics Training Facility, they are seeing some very noticeable differences on the floor. With the recent addition of Athletic Republic’s proprietary equipment and protocols, the University of Utah Athletic Trainers and Coaches are thrilled about the impact these differences are going to make on the playing field in their upcoming seasons.

Athletic Republic’s science-based approach to training helps athletes achieve ultimate game-day performance. The sport-specific, individualized programing pushes each athlete to make them faster, stronger, and more agile than they ever thought possible. “Adding Athletic Republic’s functional training component through the speed and plyometric protocols, in combination with our power and Olympic style approach, will give our athletes the competitive advantage we’re looking for,” mentions Jimmy Soto, University of Utah Assistant Athletic Director.

Some of the proprietary equipment that has been incorporated includes Super Running Treadmills, Pro Multi Hips, a Plyofloor, and customized Plyo Press Machines that will accommodate athletes of any height. Another key addition is the Athletic Republic Conditioning Cords. These will provide controlled resistance without changing or affecting proper mechanics while still allowing athletes to perform at game speed. “Early in my career, I worked in a program that offered Athletic Republic training and I’m excited to introduce this proven approach to improving top end speed, explosive power, and agility to Utah athletes,” stated Jon Webster, University of Utah Director of Strength & Conditioning. He added, “I’ve already started using the Athletic Republic Throwing Cord with our baseball players and they have really liked how it’s improved their warm-up routine and allowed them to throw harder.”

Athletic Republic offers Universities an opportunity to license its training system, proprietary equipment, sport-specific training protocols, and trainer development programs to support their interest in improving athletic performance. In addition, this integration also provides students studying exercise science an on-campus intern experience. “We’re excited to bring Athletic Republic training to Ute athletes and look forward to the collaboration with the University of Utah athletic department, strength and conditioning training staff, and Kinesiology program,” commented Charlie Graves, Athletic Republic CEO.