Introducing AR-FIT, a high-intensity fitness program designed for the active adult looking to move better, get stronger, lose weight, and stay healthier, while simultaneously improving stamina and durability.

Following Athletic Republic’s proven approach to athlete development that has helped more than 1 million competitive athletes accomplish their goals over the past 25 years, AR-FIT is a training program for the active adult athlete, committed to staying healthy and to be better prepared to participate in their sport of choice. Structured as an hour-long work-out, AR-FIT combines a wide range of movement velocities with a variety of loads to safely expose muscles to a training program that will raise an athlete's fitness threshold.

Each small group work-out begins with a dynamic warm-up to elevate heart-rate, engage the primary muscle groups and introduce motion to challenge athletes' movement mechanics. The whole-body, high intensity interval training portion of the AR-FIT program changes daily before concluding with a few minutes of mobility training that will initiate the recovery process and improve the range of motion. 

To learn more about AR-FIT, obtain a class schedule and pricing, or to sign up for a 7-day free trial, please stop in to visit your local Athletic Republic training facility.