ConnectedHealth in Wexford, Pennsylvania to offer new state of the art Athletic Republic Pittsburgh sports performance training facility in Pittsburgh, PA designed to help athletes improve in specific sports, compete at high levels and prevent injuries.

Pittsburgh, PA- ConnectedHealth for You announced the opening of Athletic Republic Pittsburgh™ today, located at 12620 Perry Highway, Wexford, PA  15090.  Athletic Republic is a chain of 120 training centers nationwide, which specialize, in sport specific training, injury prevention and athletic conditioning for athletes of all ages and abilities.  “Athletes who train at Athletic Republic don’t just get a workout, they gain strength, agility, and speed geared toward the specific sports which they are playing”, stated Mike Fox, COO of Athletic Republic Pittsburgh.

ConnectedHealth is reinventing healthcare by offering something new.   The state of the art facility provides proactive, preventative and personal primary care, health and wellness for individuals, families and employers.  Every patient is offered a team that focuses on their specific conditions, challenges and goals.  The team is quarterbacked by a leading physician and also includes a pharmacist, a health coach, a nutritionist and fitness expert.  Sophisticated and extensive technology allows Connected Health patients to communicate with their entire team via text message, phone, web and telehealth visits.  

"We couldn't be happier to have Connected Health join our 120+ Facility network worldwide," stated Athletic Republic CEO, Charlie Graves. "The ability to incorporate the Athletic Republic training methodology with the commitment and focus that Connected Health provides their patients in order to help them reach their goals, is an incredible opportunity for the people of Pittsburgh.

They believe that healthcare is personal and they have built healthcare the way that we believe it should be – from the needs of the patient first.  And we know that the Athletic Republic - Pittsburgh performance coaching staff with deliver the same quality training experience to every athlete that walks through their doors," Graves said. 

Athletic Republic’s programs are based on 25 years of research behind sports performance training with actual qualitative results behind each program across all sports.  Athletic Republic Pittsburgh trains athletes utilizing state-of-the-art patented equipment that is not found anywhere else including a patented skating treadmill for hockey skating performance, patented super running treadmill for athletic speed and endurance on and off the court, field and pool.  And, programs…across all sports….and all levels from middle school to high school.  From collegiate to professional.  From Olympic to senior Olympic.  And, from newbie runners to marathon and cycling personal best time athletes.  They even offer programs to improve your golf or tennis game. To date, Athletic Republic has trained over 1,000,000 athletes in the last 25 years.  And is proud that within the last five years, over $315,000,000 in scholarship dollars have been granted to Athletic Republic athletes. And the results show.  It is typical for athletes to add at least four inches to their vertical leap, increase their leg strength by 20% and shave four-tenths of second off of their 4 meter sprint after going through an Athletic Republic training program.

And, the price is right.  Athletic Republic Pittsburgh prices start at $35 for a :90 minute acceleration training session and $40 for a :90 hockey training session.  “We are the best deal in town.  We are former athletes, parents of athletes and in some cases, coaches ourselves.  We recognize that playing sports today can be expensive for parents.  We truly believe that this is the best training so we wanted to price it at a level that is attainable for all to benefit.  A typical :30 piano lesson is $30.  We wanted our training to cost less than a piano lesson so athletes can excel in their sports, prevent injuries and enjoy a lifetime of healthy activity because they have learned the correct way to run and move.  And, we want parents to feel good about choosing Athletic Republic Pittsburgh because it is the highest quality and highest value sports performance training for athletes that also happens to drive the best quantifiable results.” Stated Michelle Leibow, President of Athletic Republic Pittsburgh.