Athletic Republic delivers on-field success through science-based performance training protocols that help athletes move better and get faster, stronger and more powerful, while tailoring their conditioning in the best possible manner for their sport. The training tools and programs are designed to take the athlete just beyond ground-based training limitations, teaching the brain to send stronger, more precise signals to the muscles.

This is the essence of what many experts call "neuromuscular training," and we have pioneered its development through 28 years of research and commitment to sports science principles. We hold six patents and 4,000+ pages of proprietary speed and skill-specific training protocols that meet the demands of every sport and athlete.  Athletic Republic training programs create faster, stronger, more explosive athletes who are able to play at game speed for longer and with fewer injuries. Our performance improvements are documented and proven. 

Are we satisfied? NEVER. We’re always working on better ways to develop new training technology that enhances our protocols. Our combination of experience and on-going research guarantees enhanced athletic performance—at any age and ability. As the industry leader and largest operator in performance sports training, it’s a commitment we make to each of our athletes.

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Acceleration training

Our legacy program for athletes who are dedicated to improving their speed, power, agility, and stamina to gain a competitive advantage. Training programs feature our Super Running Treadmills for developing speed and running efficiency; plyometrics for improving movement skills, foot speed, change in direction and stability; strength work for explosive speed, injury prevention, and translating power; and sport-specific skills designed to help an athlete move better and more efficiently during competition.

Athletic Republic's Acceleration Training protocols cater to the individual needs of each athlete's sport and position. Find out more about our sport specific training approach HERE. 


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Based on Athletic Republic’s proven approach to athlete development that has helped more than one million competitive athletes accomplish their goals, AR-FIT is an advanced fitness program designed for active adults looking to move better, get stronger, and stay healthier, while simultaneously improving stamina and durability. 

AR-FIT classes include warmup, activation, circuits/intervals, and a cool down/stretching period. The small-group format guarantees individualized attention that enables every participant, regardless of fitness level, to achieve their goals.

ENDURANCE training

The Endurance program is designed to help runners, cyclists, and triathletes achieve their personal best and stay healthy as training volume and intensity increase. The program begins with an assessment to determine an athlete's strengths and opportunities for improvement, taking in consideration weekly workout volume, competitive goals, and previous overuse injuries. 

Recovery and mobility elements are also incorporated to help the athlete better prepare for their next workout.


Team training

We have enjoyed great success training high school teams in their own weight rooms and on their fields. We offer conditioning and speed training on the field, as well as teaching proper technique, and build muscle, strength, and power in the weight room. We schedule on going meetings with each head coach to schedule training, update goals, and create our training cycles. We work hard to create a family atmosphere by earning the trust, and respect of each athlete and coach we come in contact with.  

At Athletic Republic, our Teach-Test-Train approach is founded on offering individualized team training programs specifically tailored around the time of year (off-season, pre-season and in-season). Our staff will develop a training plan combining your coaching staff's assessment of your team's immediate needs, coupled with our proven, sport-specific protocols so that your team's athletes can focus on the specific elements of their game to improve their playmaking skills. If you are interested in learning more about Team Training opportunities in your local area, find the nearest training center here. (1).jpg

stability TRAINING

Research has shown that female athletes can reduce their risk of a non-contact ACL injury by 72% with the proper neuromuscular training. Our stability program incorporates performance training drills that require balance, power and agility so that athletes can improve strength, stability, neuromuscular conditioning, and neuromuscular reactions, which ultimately reduces the risk of an ACL injury. In addition, we have also created a "take-home" stability training kit to encourage a year-round regimented exercise program that can be done anywhere. Click here to learn more. 


Athletic Republic Conditioning Cords provide controlled resistance while allowing athletes to perform at game speed velocities, greatly improving sport-specific power for hitting, throwing, running, shooting, spiking serving and/or jumping. Our patented SprintCords, KickingCords, ThrowingCords, PowerCords, Hitting Harness and Warm-up Cords provide resistance without changing or affecting proper mechanics.  When the conditioning cords come off, athletes produce more power than ever before. Interested in purchasing one of our patented Warm-Up Cords? Click here.  


Strength/WEIGHT training

Our weight training program is designed specifically for each athlete’s sport, training age, gender, and imbalances, with the aim of building a more injury-resistant athlete. As a result, we spend a lot of time developing decelerating musculature and healthy joints such as hips, knees and shoulders. Additional considerations include energy systems, movement patterns, primary as well as secondary movers, hypertrophy, strength, power, and endurance. We use everything from free weights and kettlebells to bands and boxes. Our athletes are under the watchful eye of an instructor to ensure they are being taught the right way to push themselves.   

private training

We understand each individual is different in terms of goals, needs, and athletic ability. Athletic Republic's private training sessions cater to athletes and adults searching for the ultimate, customized program and one-on-one attention in areas of speed and power development, sports specific training, general fitness, and nutrition. Succeeding in the goals you have set for yourself requires dedication, continual feedback, and our training expertise. Combining Athletic Republic's specialized training equipment, science proven training protocols, and years of experience our staff will transform athleticism and overall well being.

combine training

Looking to add a star to your ranking or standing out in the crowd of college football prospects? Then improve your combine performance. At Athletic Republic, we'll help you improve your football speed for the 40-yard dash, add quickness to your pro-agility and develop the explosive power measured in the vertical jump. We'll also teach you the techniques that can improve your combine results and on-field performance. Along the way we'll improve your conditioning and stamina, so you'll be ready to start the fourth quarter with the same strength you had in the first. To help you improve your scores in the Combine Exam, we're sharing a few of our scoring secrets for running the 40-yard fast, perfecting the pro-agility, and adding height to your vertical jump.


A Sensory Training evaluation identifies skills like depth perception, reaction time, and eye-hand coordination which can improve your game. Then, train with Nike SPARQ strobe glasses in sport-specific drills to improve sensory skills. What does that mean for the field? For a hockey goalie it means visually picking up the puck quicker and reacting faster to make the save. For a football receiver it means better concentration, more accurately judging the flight of the football, and then making more quality catches. Sensory training will give you the edge over your competitors to SEE CLEARER, THINK QUICKER, and MOVE FASTER. 

Note: The training programs above are a compilation of training protocols utilized by facilities across the Athletic Republic network. Some centers do not offer all of the aforementioned training programs. To speak with your local training facility, visit our Training Center locator here.