sports performance training staff

ATHLETIC REPUBLIC TRAINING CENTERS have more than 500 performance trainers helping athletes develop a competitive advantage. The Performance Trainers are encouraged to complete Athletic Republic's undergo three extensive certification levels in biomechanics, exercise physiology, sports nutrition, exercise science, and the practical adaptation of the training programs to meet each athlete's goals by utilizing certification on our proprietary equipment, protocols and training solutions. Most of our trainers have either played or coached at the highest levels of their sport, gained professional certifications (CSCS, ACSM, NASM) and have graduate degrees in exercise science, biomechanics and athletic training. We pride ourselves on having the most qualified staff in the performance sports training industry.

CERTIFICATION LEVELS 1 AND 2 give our trainers a foundation in the key elements of exercise sciences that drive our sport-specific performance sports training programs protocols.

CERTIFICATION LEVEL 3 pulls the science, technology, equipment, business, coaching and performance sports training together for a 360 degree view of Athletic Republic training experience.  Level 3 certification is recommended for all full-time trainers and is required for all training center Directors.